Select Publications & Appearances

Opinion & Analysis Pieces

• “U.S.-IADB: A Last-Ditch Effort at Securing U.S. Hegemony?,” AULA Blog, September 30, 2020.
• “El Chapo and the Narco-Spectacle,” Jacobin, November 26, 2018.
• “What Can We Expect from AMLO’s Presidency?,” Pluto Blog, October 23, 2018.
• “NACLA in the 21st Century,” NACLA Report, October 18, 2018.
• “Chasing the Murderers of Ayotzinapa’s Forty-Three,” Jacobin (co-published with NACLA), September 17, 2018.
• “López Obrador and the Fight Ahead,” Verso Books (co-published with NACLA), July 3, 2018.
• “In Mexico, Solidarity Versus the State,” NACLA, September 23, 2017
• “Mexico’s Ruling Party is in Free Fall,” Washington Post, July 27, 2017
• “An Empire Upside Down,” Dollars & Sense (cover story), July/August 2017
• “Estado de México: Grietas en la fortaleza,”Aristegui Noticias, Mexico, June 7, 2017
• “Cracks in the Fortress,” NACLA, (co-published with Jacobin) June 6, 2017
• “Marilyn Young, 1937-2017,” with Stuart Schrader, Jacobin, February 24, 2017
• “Ending U.S. Support for Mexican Repression Starts at Home,” NACLA Report, December 2016
• “Unraveling Drug War Capitalism,” Introduction to NACLA Report forum, July 2016
• “Peña Nieto’s Strategy of Denial is Undermining His Promises,” Al Jazeera America, September 26, 2015
• “Obama’s Support for Mexico Prioritizes Investors over Citizens,Al Jazeera America, January 13, 2015
• “Pressure Mexico to Respect Human Rights,” New York Times Room For Debate, December 2, 2014
• “White House Silence on Mexico Protests Speaks Volumes,” Al Jazeera America, November 20, 2014
• “Mexican Mass Graves Point to the Failure of National Reforms,” Al Jazeera America, October 11, 2014
• “How the Mexican Drug Trade Thrives on Free Trade,” with Adam Goodman, The Nation, July 9, 2014.
• “Union Again at NYU,” Jacobin Magazine, December 16, 2013
• “Why NYU Grad Students Fought to Organize,” Al Jazeera America, December 16, 2013
• “The Monroe Doctrine is Dead; Long Live the Monroe Doctrine! The United States’ ‘New’ Approach to Latin America,” Left Turn 30, Oct/Nov 2008.
• “The Winner in Argentina? Transgenic Soy,” NACLA Report, September/October 2008.
• “The Roadblock and the Ballot Box: Insurgent Democracies in Latin America,” Left Turn 28, May/June 2008.
• “Comparing Post–Cold War Strategies: A review of U.S. Latin America Policy Under Bush II and Clinton,” NACLA Report, March/April 2008.
• “The Candidates and Latin America,” NACLA Report, January/February 2008.
• “Fighting for the Life of the Independent Press,” NACLA Report, March/April 2007.
• “Review: Cuba Represent!, by Sujatha Fernandes,” NACLA Report, March/April 2007.
• “Back on the Map: Latin America on the World Stage,” NACLA Report, January/February 2007.
• “Challenging our Mala Prensa on Latin America,” NACLA Report, May/June 2006

Media/Public Appearances

• “Panel on Shaped by the State: Toward a New Political History of the Twentieth Century,” with Brent Cebul, N.D.B. Connolly, and Stuart Schrader, CSPAN2, Book TV, April 23, 2019.
• “Faire tomber les grands patrons n’a rien changé,” La Presse, February 9, 2019
• “Trial of El Chapo Highlights Failure of U.S. War on Drugs, But Will U.S. Ever Be Held to Account?,” Democracy Now, February 5, 2019.

Fleeing a hell the US helped create: why Central Americans journey north, The Guardian, December 19, 2018
López Obrador’s Ambitious Progressive Agenda for Mexico, Redeye, CFRO 100.5 FM, Vancouver, July 24, 2018
Assessing the Mexican Elections with Christy Thornton, Arise!, WPFW 89.3 FM, Washington DC, July 13, 2018
AMLO’s victory in Mexico’s election with Christy Thornton, Behind the News, KPFA 94.1 FM, Berkeley, July 13, 2018
AMLO Shatters Mexican Establishment, The Dig Podcast, July 8, 2018
AMLO and the State of Mexico w/ Christy Thornton, Majority Report Radio, July 5, 2018
Who is Mexico’s New President?, Radio Times, WHYY Philadelphia, July 5, 2018
López Obrador Moves from Promises to Policy, Marketplace PRI, July 3, 2018
Leftist Andrés Manuel López Obrador Wins Mexican Presidential Election in Landslide Victory, Democracy Now, July 2, 2018

Mexicans Head to the Polls, Interview with CNN’s Camila Bernal (en Español aquí), June 28, 2018
• Ricky Ochoa-Kaup, Challenging the status quo in Mexico, The World Weekly, June 28, 2018.
• Emir Olivares Alonso, Académicos e investigadores participarán como observadores electorales, La Jornada, June 28, 2018
• Notimex, Observarán académicos e investigadores las elecciones, Periodico Correo, June 28, 2018
Current Events: What’s Happening in Mexico?, A Correction Podcast, June 19, 2018
AMLO and Mexico’s July Elections with Christy Thornton, Behind the News, KPFA 94.1 FM, Berkeley, May 10, 2018
US Academics and Civic Leaders Call on Congress to Ensure Neutrality and Support for Democratic Norms in Mexican Elections, Common Dreams, May 05, 2018
The Mexican Elections with Christy Thornton, Arise!,WPFW 89.3 FM, Washington DC, April 27, 2018
Discussing the Mexican Elections w/ Professor Christy Thornton Hopkins Podcast on Foreign Affairs, March 18, 2018
Is Mexico About to Elect a Leftist President? w/ Christy Thornton Majority Report Radio, March 14, 2018
• Arturo Sánchez Jiménez, “El autoritarismo, amenaza a un eventual cambio real en el gobierno: académicos,” La Jornada, Februrary 16, 2018
• Jorge Nuño Jiménez, “Nuevo Orden Económico Internacional: ¿La Carta o la Guerra?”, El Universal, November 21, 2017
Christy Thornton: Confronting the Neoliberal Narco-State in Mexico, The Dig Podcast, August 8, 2017
Narco States & Neoliberalism w/ Christy Thornton Majority Report Radio, September 11, 2017
• “La antesala de una debacleSiempre, Mexico, July 29, 2017
• “Afirman en WP que PRI va en caída libreReforma, Mexico, July 27, 2017
• “Afirman que PRI y Peña Nieto va en caída libreZócalo, Mexico, July 27, 2017
• “Afirma Washington Post que PRI va en caída libreEl Diario, Mexico, July 27, 2017
• “Peña Nieto y el PRI son tragados por un socavón de errores, opina académica en The Washington PostMientras Tanto en México, July 27, 2017
• “Observadora internacional consideran que la elección en Edomex no fue auténticaPublimetro, Mexico, June 6, 2017
• “Denuncian violencia y compra de sufragios en EdomexDebate Mexico, June 7, 2017
• “Hay un creciente poder de la izquierda pero también medidas del PRI para reprimirlo con maquinaria electoral corrupta: Observadora internacionalRevolución 3.0, Mexico, June 7, 2017
• “Video: Observadora Internacional De Harvard Califica Muy Mal Las Elecciones En EdomexToluca Hoy, June 4, 2017
• “Se confirma uno de los operativos más grandes de compra de voto: #NiUnFraudeMásAristegui Noticias, Mexico, June 4, 2017
• “Delitos electorales en el Estado de MéxicoTribunal Noticias, Mexico, Interview, June 4, 2017
• “Sería muy difícil decir que mexiquenses han tenido una elección libre y autenticaSem Mexico, June 4, 2017
• Panel Discussion with Noam Chomsky and Greg Grandin, Latin American Studies Association Meeting, New York, May 28, 2016
• Left Forum Panel: “Mexico Since Ayotzinapa,” John Jay College, May 20, 2016
• Jesse Franzblau, “Hillary Clinton’s Dark Drug War Legacy in Mexico,” Foreign Policy in Focus, March 1, 2016
• Interview with Renata Keller, Mexico’s Cold War, New Books Network, February 7, 2015
• Interview with Michelle Chase, Revolution within the Revolution, New Books Network, February 2, 2016
• Interview with Suzanna Reiss, We Sell Drugs, New Books Network, September 14, 2015
• Interview with Alejandro Velasco, Barrio Rising, New Books Network, June 28, 2015
• Radio Show América Otherwise, WBAI New York 99.5 FM, June-September 2015
• Lecture, UCLA Center for Social Theory and Comparative History “Mexico: Popular Resistance, the Narco-state and the US,” with Daniel Hernández, June 1, 2015

• Kingsboro Community College Teach-in: “The Missing 43 and State Violence in Mexico,” May 11, 2015
• CUNY Graduate Center Teach-in: “Mexican Spring: Sowing Seeds of Resistance from Ayotzinapa to New York City,” with Felipe de la Cruz Sandoval, Carvana 43, March 18, 2015
• Interview with Jo-Marie Burt, “Justice in Guatemala Deferred, Again,” NACLA/WBAI, January 15, 2015
• Interview with Steve Fisher, “The Federal Police Not Only Knew, They Were There (Audio)” NACLA/WBAI, January 9, 2015
• Al-Jazeera America News Broadcast interview with Tony Harris: Mexico Protests & Reforms, December 12, 2014
• Interview with Jesse Franzblau, “Complicity and Cover-ups in Mexican Massacres,” NACLA/WBAI, December 30, 2014
• CLACS and Hemispheric Institute, NYU Teach-in: “When Governments Kill Their Students: México Now,” December 10, 2014 [1:16]

• Al-Jazeera America News Broadcast interview on Mexico Protests, November 24, 2014
• Brooklyn Commons Teach in: “Where Are the 43? The State & Mass Murder In Mexico,” November 1, 2014
• “Graduate-Student Union Organizers Hail NYU Deal as a Breakthrough,” Chronicle of Higher Education, March 11, 2015
• Ari Paul, “NYU Grad Students Say They’re Ready to Strike,” In These Times, December 2, 2014
• Ari Paul, “Making History at NYU: Graduate Workers Win Back their Union,” Clarion, January 2014
• Behind the News broadcast interview with Doug Henwood, KPFA, December 19, 2013
• Manhattan News Network broadcast interview, “Spotlight on NYU” with Heather Wokusch, October 14, 2013
• Left Forum Panel “Occupy Universities: Building a Student Movement in the Era of Occupy,” March 17, 2012
Christy Thornton: ‘El movimiento va más allá de la ocupación de los espacios públicos’, El Universo, December 25, 2011
• Amanda Fairbanks, “Occupy Wall Street: A Generation of 20-Somethings Airs Its Grievances, Its Frustrations,” Huffington Post, December 7, 2011
• Left Forum Panel “Obama’s Militarized Status Quo in Latin America” Pace University, New York, 2010
• Plenary Lecture, “Obama in Latin America,” Solidarity Conference, New York University, November 15, 2009
• Grit TV broadcast interview, “Obama: From Fair Trade to Free Trade?” June 23, 2009
• Teach-in, “Trade Policy: Food, Land and Agriculture in Latin America,” Berkeley, California, May 2, 2009
• Left Forum Panel, “Terror Incognita: Immigrants and the Homeland Security State,” New York, March 2009
• WNUR 89.3 Chicago broadcast interview on This is Hell, Saturday, March 28, 2009
• CUNY TV Independent Sources broadcast interview on Chávez and the End of Term Limits March 4, 2009
• CUNY TV Independent Sources broadcast interview on Obama: The International Response: Latin America December 17, 2008