#3 The Week in Latin American Relations: Brazil, Cuba & Honduras | América Otherwise July 06, 2015

América Otherwise with host Christy Thornton

This week, we examine a big week in U.S.-Latin American relations. We’ll talk about the signing of a climate agreement between the United States and Brazil with Brown University professor J. Timmons Roberts, and ask if it goes far enough to make a difference for Brazil and for the world.

We also examine what the re-opening of official diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba might mean for Cuba and for the role of the U.S. in the region with William LeoGrande, co-author of the recent book Back Channel to Cuba.

And we get an update from Honduras, where 60,000 people marched on Friday to call for the ouster of the president of that country – though you likely didn’t hear about it on the news. We’ll speak to professor Dana Frank from Tegucigalpa to find out how the 2009 coup against Honduras’s democratically elected president, supported by then-secretary of State Hillary Clinton, is reverberating today – both in Honduras, and for the Clinton campaign.

Originally aired on WBAI 07/06/2015. Listen to the whole show here:

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